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Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Files with Agent Ransack: The Must-Have Tool for Efficient Search and Navigation!

As someone who works with a lot of data on a regular basis, I’ve tried out my fair share of search tools over the years. However, I’ve found that few tools are as robust and user-friendly as Agent Ransack. This versatile software is packed with features that make it easy to find the files and […]

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Review: Discover How Pictory Will Transform Your Video Marketing!

AI tools are all the rage these days, and major online brands are racing to incorporate AI technology into their products.Despite the prevalence of artificial intelligence in tools and the popularity of ChatGPT, there is a severe lack of reputable video creation tools. Allows for customizationBecause of the prevalence of online content theft, this is […]

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How Solopreneurs and Small Businesses Can Benefit From Live-streaming

Are you a Solopreneur looking for new ways to reach more people? Are you interested in leveraging the power of live streaming to expand your business? If so, then this blog post is for you! Live streaming offers a variety of benefits that can help solopreneurs reach more potential customers and grow their businesses. We’ll […]

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How To Create Short Social Videos From Long-form Content in Just Minutes With a Smart AI Solution

Creating engaging and informative social media content can be daunting for busy marketers. Crafting short social videos from long-form content can be a time-consuming process, which is why many businesses are turning to AI solutions to make it easier. AI technology means you can now create compelling social videos from long-form content in just minutes, […]

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How to Write Engaging Product Reviews That Sell

Contents Product Review Profits: How to Write Engaging Product Reviews That Get Sales! 3 Strategy #1: Direct linking to the product 3 Strategy #2: Linking to your product review page 4 5 Things Your Product Review Needs to Do: 5 The Most Important ‘Job’ of Your Product Review! 6 The Art of Preselling 7 What […]

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How I Fixed the Orange WAMP Tray Icon, Turned it Green Easy and Fast

If you’re about to start WordPress development on your local machine using WAMP, you might run across the same issue I had: The WAMP system tray icon was orange, and hovering over it displayed only 2 out of 3 services running. Here’s how I fixed it fast. Doing a search online will send you into […]

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How to Remove NO AUTO CREATE USER and Fix Sendy Error

I was getting an error when getting ready to send a campaign in Sendy. The error said something along the lines that I needed to remove ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY from MySQL. I don’t have a screenshot anymore since I fixed the issue but it displayed with some red text in the Newsletter preview above the “Test send […]

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How To Open Edit and Create a Custom SRT File For Captioning

I just want to do a quick tutorial on how to open an SRT file and show you how you can create your own from scratch as well. They’re not that difficult to create and have a lot of benefits if you are in any way involved in video related stuff. If you do the […]

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How to Make Important Emails in MS Outlook Stand Out

Here I will be showing you quickly how to add color to your email entries in Outlook and make them stand out for easier visibility. Here’s the problem: You get tons of emails in Microsoft Outlook 2016 a day. Out of the blues, you remember there was something you needed to work on sent by […]

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How To Think Positive When Broke

Let’s face it, just about everyone has experienced the sting of having a pile of bills and empty pockets. By the way “sting” is an understatement. Worry and fear starts setting in, and even desperation creeps in. It’s a horrible feeling and a horrible experience to go through. Then when this becomes more of an ongoing […]

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