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Progressive Web Apps Tutorial For iOS

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you some of the cool things about setting up your WordPress website as a Progressive Web App and why you may want to do it at all. Things seem to run a bit smoother setting this up for Android but because I’m a heavy iOS user, this tutorial will […]

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Free vs Paid SSL Certificate? What’s the difference?

Free vs Paid SSL Certificate: Here’s the jist of it. In short as far as the level of encryption is concerned, the free SSL certificate provides the same level of encryption as the paid one. Free SSL Certificates Free SSL typically fits into one of two flavors: Self-Signed Certificates Is Signed by a Certificate Authority […]

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How To Listen To Articles On Your Way To Work Even Without An Audible Subscription

From the time I drive and drop off the kids to school and then to work, it takes me about an hour. I always like listening to tutorial videos from YouTube, motivational and inspirational speeches, and many other self-improvement recordings normally but this is an excellent time to do so, well, usually after the kids […]

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Facebook Is Now Fighting Engagement Bait With New Policy Change

As you may already know, Facebook keeps changing regularly. Their algorithms are always getting updated. This is sometimes good and sometimes not so good for business. But if you’re a seasoned marketer, then you are probably used to things always changing and used to adapting to it and well, this is no different. We just […]

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How To View Recently Clicked On Sponsored Stories And Ads On Facebook

Have you ever seen a sponsored ad on Facebook that you were actually interested in but for whatever reason you got out of Facebook, or closed it and returned but couldn’t find it anymore? I spent hours trying to find out a way to retrieve one that I really wanted to watch again. It was […]

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Dad Solopreneur, It Starts With The First Post

I’m tired, exhausted. Right now I just want to lay in bed at home and take a long nap. My eyes close as I phase outside reality for a couple of moments before coming back to the full spectrum of light. Just been working my butt off after a severe slap from Facebook. They had […]

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