Dad Solopreneur


Hello, I’m Val. If you’re reading this, then like me, you’re probably playing around with becoming an online entrepreneur, and maybe you’re also going at it solo-style. So either you’re getting your feet wet, or you’ve been doing this for a little or big while. In any case, doing this online stuff is a little bit of many things, frustrating, exciting, motivating, disappointing. You have losses and you have wins. But as long as you have a determined mind and the right mindset, you can succeed. This is an ever-changing environment and is always full of opportunities that will make you bite your nails, but at the same time give you a feeling of excitement.

For me, it all started out of necessity as I just wasn’t making enough in my day job to cover all my expenses, and when you have a family, well it certainly gets harder and harder as it grows.

Dad Solopreneur

One of the first things I experienced was creating a Facebook page. At first, I was posting content that inspired me, and was also curious to see what kind of response it had from my Facebook fans. It was more of a hobby because I was creating inspiring material and also liked doing stuff that involved some graphic-design. It went on like that for about a year without it making any money, because I simply didn’t know how to monetize it.

So as far as this whole online game, it started around 2010 but didn’t see much if any results until about later in 2011 when I decided to monetize my website selling an ebook.

I slowly started sending it traffic from my growing Facebook page. As soon as I made my first sale on Paypal I was hooked. I had discovered how to make additional money using Facebook and a blog website. How cool is that?

I then decided to try out Adsense. At first, I was terrified because I hated the idea of adding ads to my blog. Then I started seeing some cents come in, a trickle here and there from Adsense. Because I was hooked as I began to see some results even if minimal, to me that was all the proof I needed to know for certain that you could, in fact, make money online.

I was a bit lost though, before even getting to the results part. I had no idea what to do nor how to do it. I slowly began learning as much as I could on different things. I found out there were many ways but didn’t know what would work.

So some things flopped and turned out to be a waste of time and energy, it was a bit disheartening. Some things would work but didn’t quite have the results I was looking for at the time. Then I entered the content marketing game and learned how the pros were doing it. I went back to focusing on Adsense, ramped up the content on my website, and it soon outperformed the ebook sales.

My focus and energy were then spent mostly on growing my Facebook page and creating content. If you think I learned a few tricks and strategies along the way, you bet I did. One other thing I learned is to leverage the power of the iPhone. I use it to run about 70% of what I do, if not more. It is convenient as it allows me to create content on the go and whenever I get a chance with this busy lifestyle.

This blog will focus not just on how I managed to grow a page to over 2 million likes with Facebook and using other Social Media channels, but other aspects of working from home and being an entrepreneur online which brings up things such as generating traffic, optimizing, and increasing your productivity.

I will also talk about the many concepts, tools, and different methods that exist for earning an extra income online. I think we can all use a helping hand especially when starting out.

But perhaps more importantly, I hope all you other dads and moms and whoever resonates with this information, learn from my mistakes, victories, and lessons learned.

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