How To Think Positive When Broke

Let’s face it, just about everyone has experienced the sting of having a pile of bills and empty pockets.

By the way “sting” is an understatement.

Worry and fear starts setting in, and even desperation creeps in.

It’s a horrible feeling and a horrible experience to go through.

Then when this becomes more of an ongoing thing, depression sets in as well.

And once you are at this stage, it’s really hard to get the heck out.

You are stuck in a damn hole and you feel that you can’t breathe nor see the light of day.

I’ve been there.

So what do you do?

Well, you can either do something… or nothing. That simple.

“But what do you mean it’s simple? Sure…you try being in that spot and tell me it’s simple again.”

Let me put if for you this way…

You do nothing, and you get EXACTLY that. Nothing.

Now get out there and do >nothing<, and see what you get. I can guarantee you will get exactly that, again…nothing.

So now that leaves you with doing >>> something.

Simple right?

Even if you are the greatest pessimist, and keep procrastinating and telling yourself

that you can’t do it, and somehow you go and do something and you fail miserably…

You still gained something.


So notice I’m not even telling you to go and read 100 positive quotes or something and this will solve all your problems.

That stuff helps don’t get me wrong.

But in the end it’s up to you, and sometimes all you need is a little push off the couch.

Nudging yourself just barely enough to get you to do something about your situation.

That alone will make a huge difference.

So instead of wasting all that energy and time thinking about a thousand reasons why you are in this situation, why not use it to do something?

Read the book, take the course, do the search, see the YouTube video, etc.

Any of those actions will take you somewhere. Heck, they can even inspire you to find a solution.

So how do you think positive when you’re broke?

You stop complaining to yourself and others and you take action!

This on its own generates some sort of energy within you that begins to pump you up

like a deflated and useless soccer ball made ready for some kicking.

That’s probably not the best analogy but you get the idea.

Now, if you want in on a simple potential solution just to give you that nudge and you’re feeling pumped-up, you can get a the FREE report on how to make passive income online. Just sign up for a free account.

Remember that YOU need to take action and set things in motion to make them happen.

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