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How To View Recently Clicked On Sponsored Stories And Ads On Facebook

Have you ever seen a sponsored ad on Facebook that you were actually interested in but for whatever reason you got out of Facebook, or closed it and returned but couldn’t find it anymore? I spent hours trying to find out a way to retrieve one that I really wanted to watch again. It was a great offer I really wanted to take.

Many people in forums said you couldn’t retrieve it but they were wrong! Heck, even in one of those Facebook support pages, a Facebook employee said you couldn’t but boy was she wrong!

It’s actually pretty easy. You have to do it in the Desktop version of Facebook though. So¬† on any desktop PC or laptop. If you can’t get to one then I recommend the Browser iPhone App by Apegroup.

Go to the very left column when looking at your personal news feed. Under Explore you will see an option that says “Recent Ad Activity.”

recent ad activity on facebook desktop view

That’s it! This will show all the sponsored ads you clicked on recently.

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