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Boost Your Blogging Efficiency with Chat GPT

Unless you’ve been living under a rock by now you should have heard about this Chat GPT thing and why it is taking the world by storm. I think this is one of those things that closely relates to when the Internet started and had no idea how much we were going to rely on […]

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How To Create Short Social Videos From Long-form Content in Just Minutes With a Smart AI Solution

Creating engaging and informative social media content can be daunting for busy marketers. Crafting short social videos from long-form content can be a time-consuming process, which is why many businesses are turning to AI solutions to make it easier. AI technology means you can now create compelling social videos from long-form content in just minutes, […]

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How To Open Edit and Create a Custom SRT File For Captioning

I just want to do a quick tutorial on how to open an SRT file and show you how you can create your own from scratch as well. They’re not that difficult to create and have a lot of benefits if you are in any way involved in video related stuff. If you do the […]

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How to Make Important Emails in MS Outlook Stand Out

Here I will be showing you quickly how to add color to your email entries in Outlook and make them stand out for easier visibility. Here’s the problem: You get tons of emails in Microsoft Outlook 2016 a day. Out of the blues, you remember there was something you needed to work on sent by […]

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How To Think Positive When Broke

Let’s face it, just about everyone has experienced the sting of having a pile of bills and empty pockets. By the way “sting” is an understatement. Worry and fear starts setting in, and even desperation creeps in. It’s a horrible feeling and a horrible experience to go through. Then when this becomes more of an ongoing […]

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New Gutenberg WordPress Editor Tutorial: Must Know Basics (2019)

Should we be freaking out with the new Gutenberg Update? This is a major update to WordPress. A new editor has been introduced as part of the Core files in WordPress. This replaces the old TinyMCE editor. Here we will take a look at the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg update, implications, and tips. What is this […]

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Free Stock Image Websites For Your Blog

We all know that images are a must for content marketing. Many times however, we don’t need expensive images we are going to use to print billboards or sell some sort of product. Although some of these image resources may allow you to use their images for commercial purposes, most are intended to be used […]

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How To Block Unwanted Emails In Cpanel With SpamAssassin

The other day I saw a sketchy email from a domain I did not recognize. Of course I thought it was spam so I deleted it and moved on to other things. Then the evening of the same day I found another two emails from that same domain. It was obvious at this point that […]

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Progressive Web Apps Tutorial For iOS

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you some of the cool things about setting up your WordPress website as a Progressive Web App and why you may want to do it at all. Things seem to run a bit smoother setting this up for Android but because I’m a heavy iOS user, this tutorial will […]

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Free vs Paid SSL Certificate? What’s the difference?

Free vs Paid SSL Certificate: Here’s the jist of it. In short as far as the level of encryption is concerned, the free SSL certificate provides the same level of encryption as the paid one. Free SSL Certificates Free SSL typically fits into one of two flavors: Self-Signed Certificates Is Signed by a Certificate Authority […]

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