How To Block Unwanted Emails In Cpanel With SpamAssassin

The other day I saw a sketchy email from a domain I did not recognize. Of course I thought it was spam so I deleted it and moved on to other things.

Then the evening of the same day I found another two emails from that same domain. It was obvious at this point that this was spam. Especially because the content of the email contained no company or even a person’s name. It did have a From but it changed from email to email and the To: field also changed, it had a weird 3-character thing that made it look even more sketchy.

Also, the content itself was a straight-up sales of one product or another that I had no interest in. It had a bunch of links and a picture of said product at the bottom. Nothing else, no company name, no name of sender within the email.

Now I have a suspicion of how they managed to spam me with these weird emails. Possibly using a contact form on my website but until I look into it when I get a chance, there is something I did that you can do yourself right away:

In cPanel go to the Email section, then open up SpamAssassin.

in here scroll all the way down until you see the Configure Apache SpamAssassin button.

You will find blacklist_from fields

In here I decided to block the entire offending domain by entering it in the field like this:

Cpanel SpamAssassin filter

where baddomain if of course the domain I want to block from sending me those annoying emails.

Now all you have to do is scroll all the way down and click “Save.”

That’s it!

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